Refugee Aid

Shelter in Germany

Fully convinced we stand with humans who fled war, violence and threat in their homeland. They should receive shelter in Germany.

Regional refugee advice

The regional refugee advice supports refugees in cases like asylum procedures (lawsuits, revocation procedures and withdrawal procedures included), family reunification, legally residency Affairs, social law subjects and integration. The advice is always impartial and confidential for the target group. This offer is for free.

Return Advice

Our offer directs advice seekers who want to leave Germany voluntarily and on their own terms as well as those who are obligated to leave. We advise about the possibilities in Germany and the homeland, inform about financial and medical aid, reintegration opportunities and the current situation in the nativ country. In cooperation with additional professional organizations we provide assistance with the processing of an employment perspective for the advice seeker in their country of origin. The consultation is for free, voluntarily, and, if desired, anonymous.


For the personal consultation it’s necessary to book an appointment. Please schedule an appointment by telephone or, preferred, by e-Mail.

Your contact persons

Lara Stirnberg

Regionale Flüchtlingsberatung / Ausreise- und Perspektivberatung (Rückkehrberatung)
Telefon: 01590 4468755